Richmond Virginia History Jefferson Hotel Part# 2 of 3 The Weekly Spa Guy (2023)


This is part#2 of 3
In this video The Spa Guy takes you to Richmond Virginia to see some of the Historic places and stories.. The first night it was really foggy and eerie at the hotel.. Like, Share and Subscribe..
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So friends, this is the jefferson.

A very famous photo happened right here.

Although the facade has changed some another very famous photo happened right inside there.

Maybe there it may.

I think it may be this window right here.

So we're going to look which is gators.

A lot of amazing stuff happened here.

This is richmond virginia a lot of really cool stuff happening in richmond virginia.

It was right here, stay tuned, so a famous picture happened right here, friends and it's raining tonight a little bit sprinkling and it's nighttime.

I just want you to give you a look of what this looked like at night, we'll come back tomorrow during the day and finish these lineups.

Yes, indeed, we will in the meantime we're staying here, so we're going to go inside and get our inside shots stay tuned, yeah he'll be stopping right here.

That's where he was walking.

Come on.

Gene beat me so friends we're at the jefferson hotel.

This is the new entrance which is on the back side of it.

The original entrance was on the other side on that back street back there and if you stay here, you pull through check in you park in that parking lot right down there, I'm pulling the trailer, so they let me park here, but wow.

What a beautiful amazing looking place.

We're excited to stay here, we're elvis state.

Yes, indeed, we are come in and take a look and you'll see what we're talking about.

Hey y'all great, to see you appreciate you, yes, sir, you too, and they have all gators here.

Alligators once lived in the marble ponds that surround the thomas jefferson statue in the palm court lobby.

The last of the alligators old pompei called the jefferson home until his death of 1948.

local legend says that richmonders would bring pet alligators acquired on trips to florida to live at the jefferson after they grew too large to be kept in sinks or bathtubs, pretty incredible, amazing history and that's why they call that shop gators! Oh I'm, on the wrong side, honey! This is a beautiful amazing place.

There's the hotels! I mean elevators, look at this place.

If you come here, you gotta stay, it is amazing.

Now this is the other part.

The original part where we're gonna show you some lineups of elvis, is right down here.

So look at this look at this.

Look at this: hey, hey, hey! Now, it's crazy! How beautiful this place is I'm going to show you elvis in this room right here? He was standing right about there and we're gonna walk down there and look just a beautiful place.

So if you come here and you check it out, it is a numero uno and there's some photos on the internet.

That say that elvis was here eating in the restaurant and you're seeing the ceiling of the restaurant that is actually in chattanooga at the train station.

That is not here.

These ceilings do not match up.

So friends.

If you look right here, we're in richmond virginia, you see it's a very, very busy street, so I got to be careful, but if you look down in there you'll see the tops of some of these buildings.

This happened right here.

This is the jefferson hotel.

Now you can see that the facade has changed.

The overhang has changed, it doesn't say hotel, jefferson, on it anymore.

In fact, this is not even the entrance anymore, but you could see that there was a manhole cover there, where that manhole cover would have been is right around where this tree is at so elvis would have stepped out somewhere right about here and gone in to the jefferson hotel right here, we'll be going right through these doors with gene, and you can see that there, the bellhop is helping him.

You can see it's a taxi cab.

It looks like a 55 chevy right there.

That happened right here now.

The facade, as I mentioned, looks different, but that was right here right in here now.

Let me show you a little little tidbit.

I'm gonna fast forward right here, real quick, so you see this, but I'm gonna fast forward to the next photo trey found this globetrotting betray elvis got in the taxicab.

This is the photo and I'll stop, so you can see it better.

He got in a taxi cab right about here and the reason we know that is.

Look in the background, earl, theater, earl hotel, I mean was right: there there's a photo of the front door of the earl being about right there.

So al wertheimer would have been somewhat at this angle and seen the hotel looking up the street.

You can see that it goes uphill that photo happened right here.

The other photo happened right down there.

Now, let's go in and check it out.

You want to the jefferson.

So something else I want to tell you friends.

Is this house right here? That's actually attached to the jefferson hotel, the person that ran the jefferson hotel lived in this house.

You can see that it's actually attached to it.

So something trey pointed out to me is look at this.

That looks kind of like elvis a little bit.

That has a very elvis look.

I wonder if he noticed that that is above the grand ballroom where the famous photograph happened right there.

Yes, it did we're going to go down and I'm going to show you where elvis was standing right there where they entered the building was right there and I've already shown you them coming in from that side.

So we're going to talk about that stay tuned, so friends, elvis and gene would have come right through this door.

They parked right out there.

I've already shown you that they'd come through this door.

They would have come right in here and I'm sure elvis looked at this place and though wow look at this wow look at this.

He went right over here and you know how I know going to show you how enough look at this photo right here.

That is elvis and gene and a young lady standing right there and you're going to have to wait to see the young lady that'll be a video from trey, because trey might have actually talked to her.

But elvis was right here.

He was standing right about there.

Now how I know this is I'm gonna point out something in here.

You see, there's a light.

There there's a light.

There there's light there.

So it's three lights now count them one two three! He was right here, I'll show you the photo again one two three! You see him.

He was standing literally right there right here somewhere like that right there and he was looking at a guy right here.

Kind of like trey.

Excuse me, sir.

Can I uh help you? I want to check in baby, and I've got my cousin with me in this chair.

Has anybody ever told you? You look like um? What's that singer from memphis tennessee marlon brando yeah, I don't think it's brando um carl perkins carl perkins johnny cash, johnny cash.

You look like johnny cash yeah.

I get that all the time, all right that will be uh, let's see 15 and 48 cents.

That sounds good I'll, take it you're paying for it yeah jean's, paying work.

So friends.

He stayed here left here and was on the steve allen show.

I know you have seen the footage where he is with andy griffith and imogene coca and he and steve allen and he's dressed as a cowboy uh.

What was his name trey? What is his name? He was tumbleweed, that's right.

He shot, he shot, uh some candy at the end, that's right and he actually was working on his script here for steve allen in the coffee shop.

That is right over there we'll deal with the coffee shop because it's not open.

Today, it's gone now, sadly, but there's a lot of photos of elvis in that coffee shop.

A young lady came here that trey actually got to talk to and she walked in that coffee shop while he was practicing his lines for that particular show.

That happened right here literally right over.

There elvis spent a lot of time in that coffee shop, there's a lot of photos of elvis in that coffee shop and we will work on that later stay tuned.

If you come to richmond, you gotta stay here, it's amazing, so friends, we saw this from elvis's perspective here now, let's see it from the guy that checked him in's perspective.

He would have been back here.

The guy was right here, looking at elvis now he wasn't this high up.

You can see that this is actually a restaurant, a place that you can eat and sit and hang out, but elvis was standing right here.

Gene was right.

There, young lady was standing right there, so this was his view that day.

Thank you very much.

Those were actually hanging here.

Those are original.

This place is absolutely beautiful.

Amazing, amazing, amazing! Yes, it is so now I'm going to show you another little something these phone booths that have real working phones, elvis, would have made phone calls in a place like this right here now.

He would have obviously been able to use the phone in his room, but back in those days a lot of hotels didn't have phones in their room.

They had phones out here, so he would have used this telephones here.

You see those are elevators.

Now, let's go over on the other side over here they have a little museum talking about the people that have been here and things that happen here, and I want you to look right there that is elvis sitting in the coffee shop, and that is cousin, gene right here and the young lady, and it says elvis in the jefferson hotel coffee shop where gators is located now and that's elvis standing at the desk, where you saw a lot of history here, a lot of really cool history, john d, rockefeller, henry ford, charles lindbergh, zelda, f, scott fitzgerald, teddy roosevelt, admiral dewey, mosh, diane, ronald reagan and elvis presley staying here.

Yes, they did what a beautiful amazing place we're staying here tonight, we're excited about that.

But you can come here and check out all this history and this stuff they've been here a long time, jefferson, hotel, fire, 1901, absolutely amazing! You gotta love it friends! If you haven't stayed here, you sure need to look at this: the epitome of luxury.

Let's go upstairs and check this out, we'll look down into the the room, because I know a lot of you have seen that photo of elvis right there.

We just didn't know where it happened at, but it is all in fact still here these.

By the way you would never know it to look at it.

These are actually steel tubes with a cover over it and they are faux painted to look like marble.

They are not marble they're gorgeous.

These are all the presidents, hello, georgia, that's thomas jefferson, so I can't wait to go to sleep.

I'm tired in a long day, this area right here we're going to come back and explore tomorrow, but the coffee shop was here.

We think that the we think that the bar was from here over to here, but we don't know exactly, but we know that they say that it was where gators is the concrete world them out, because it was a normal dry wall.

It was.

It was actually real, real, real, concrete, yeah little coffee right down here, yeah, we moved it down there.

That is something we wondered.

What it was sitting down there for yeah, we came through a door, so he said that this safe was in the wall.

Here, there's no telling what's in that safe, he said it was where the sink was in there.

That's huge.

This thing is giant, that's a great story, it's beautiful and it was hidden in the wall when they did a refurb and they haven't been able to open it.

I'd be here right now.

Opening that thing two.

I think we stayed on eight last night.

So look at this elevator.

These things are real ornate.

I don't know how old but ornate.

Nevertheless, where's two right.

I remember that right, 2, 23, 223, you sure yeah we didn't go like this last time.

Did we that's 223, we're not 223., so we didn't recognize our whole room right.

I didn't yeah look at that bed that is gonna be good right there.

Yes, it is so I just saw another little fancy touch.

Let me turn this on.

So with these lights on, you can hit that and it'll turn the light on and off.

You can also hit a privacy button or you can hit a service button service will get the people to come.

That will turn all the lights off except nice.

As friends, it seems like the rain is chasing us we're up in the room.

This is the top of the part when you're down in the lobby elvis was down there.

That photo is.

He was literally right about there.

That's the roof and that's the front part right there.

So that's the very front, so he was actually outside there's a photograph of him out there.

So we'll we'll deal with all that, so friends, this is the front door of the jefferson when he came in.

There was a coffee shop and the coffee shop was in this part of the building right here.

It's gators gift shop now, but the photos that I'm going to show you happen in this room now, of course, it looks completely different now than it did, but this is the spot, and this is a really really really nice gift shop.

Look at this place absolutely beautiful, and I came in here and got coffee by the way.

Just like elvis did and a really really nice gift shop, and this is the spot.

The counter would have been this way, so those photos that you see the counter would have been this way in this room.

This is the spot right here, and this hallway was always here.

You see trey they're studying and they said that they ate at a restaurant and then they crossed the lobby and went to the coffee shop, and this right here would have been the restaurant over here.

We're gonna see if we can get in and stay tuned.

I don't see a light.

This would have been the restaurant area and then they would have crossed back to the coffee shop over there.

So this right here would have been the restaurant area that they were in and you can see that they're using it not using it as a restaurant.

At this moment, it's really you can't make out anything in that photo.

There's just a doorway, but this is the room right here and then they would have gone through there back to the coffee shop.

So friends, there's a photo that I'm going to show you of them, leaving this door right here check this out.

It happened right here.

Yes, indeed, it did a little situation.

It's like the rain is going to stop, which is awesome.

So this is the new entrance to the jefferson hotel and I want you to look at that tower up there.

I didn't even see that wow couldn't see that last night, it's too foggy.

Imagine being up there working amazing so make sure when you're watching the weekly spa guy you subscribe.

You give me a big thumbs up if you like the video and watch the weekly spa guy friends.

Thank you.


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Since the film classic "Gone With the Wind" was allegedly filmed on the Jefferson Hotel staircase, it is hard to stand at the base without visualizing Rhett Butler carrying Scarlett O'Hara up those stairs.

What happened to the Richmond hotel? ›

One of the rare gilded-age hotels built by a woman entrepreneur, the Hotel Richmond is now owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which uses it as its Barbara Johns Building, currently housing the Office of the Attorney General. NRHP reference No.

What is the history of the Jefferson Hotel VA? ›

Opened on Halloween 1895, The Jefferson Hotel is the creation of Major Lewis Ginter, a Richmond businessman and philanthropist. His dream was to build one of the finest hotels in America for visitors to Central Virginia.

Who owns the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond? ›


On July 2, 1991, The Jefferson was sold to the Richmond-based Historic Hotels of Richmond, LLC.

What Hallmark movie was filmed in Richmond VA? ›

A Christmas Kiss was filmed on location in Richmond, Virginia. The Richmond Ballet provided the ballet dancers, and Hundley Carriages provided the horse and carriage. The carriage ride was filmed in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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What is the history of the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond? ›

Named after Thomas Jefferson, the hotel was founded by Major Lewis Ginter in 1895. Ginter's legacy lives on through the hotel and the popular Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. The Jefferson Hotel caught on fire in 1901. The flames destroyed two-thirds of the building and caused a majority of the hotel to be rebuilt.

Who owns the house in Richmond Park? ›

Thatched House Lodge was the London home of United States General Dwight D. Eisenhower during the Second World War. Since 1963 it has been the residence of Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy. It was originally built as two houses in 1673 for two Richmond Park Keepers, as Aldridge Lodge.

Who owns the Historic Jefferson hotel? ›

CCA Financial

How many rooms are in the Jefferson Hotel Richmond? ›

What was the name of Jefferson's dream home? ›

Monticello, “Little Mountain,” was the home from 1770 until his death in 1826, of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States. It is also an architectural masterpiece.

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Black Lodge in Scott's Addition, from Brittanny Anderson and business partners James Kohler, Brad Hemp and Nathan Conway, deliciously embraces grunge and refinement and highbrow and low, with dishes that range from hot dogs — the Alpine (from left), Fancy and Chicago — to caviar shots.

When was Richmond Hotel built? ›

Built in 1909, the Richmond Hotel was once one of the finest hotels in Downtown Jacksonville for African-Americans during the Jim Crow era. Featuring 48 upper floor rooms, its famed guests included Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday.

Where was Dirty Dancing filmed? ›

To film "Dirty Dancing," principal photography took place in Lake Lure in North Carolina and Mountain Lake, Virginia.

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New Richmond was platted by Samuel Kincaid in 1836. The post office at New Richmond has been in operation since 1850. In 1985, New Richmond was turned into Hickory, Indiana, for the filming of the motion picture Hoosiers, starring Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, and Dennis Hopper.

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Many of the scenes from Ted Lasso were filmed in Richmond, a town just 30 minutes from central London.

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In Ted Lasso, Ted lives in a spacious apartment above a row of shops. The street used for filming is Paved Court, a real street in Richmond. So real, in fact, that The Prince's Head (above) sits right by it. The interior, however, was filmed in a studio.

Is Ted Lasso filmed in Richmond? ›

Richmond. A common location in the series is the Crown and Anchor pub, which in real life is The Prince's Head, a tavern just a few minutes' walk from Richmond Station. However, only exterior shots of the pub are used and scenes inside were filmed elsewhere.

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LINCOLN, Steven Spielberg's epic film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, was filmed entirely in Virginia at sites in Richmond and Petersburg. Walk in the footsteps of the cast and crew on a self-guided trail featuring actual filming locations as well as restaurants, bars and shops that were favourites of the stars.

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How many rooms are at the Jefferson Hotel? ›

Where did Jefferson Davis live in Richmond? ›

The White House of the Confederacy is a historic house located in the Court End neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. Built in 1818, it was the main executive residence of the sole President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, from August 1861 until April 1865.

Who owns Richmond Inn hotel? ›

The successful purchasers of the hotel are high profile hoteliers Nick Wills and Simon Tilley of the Tilley & Wills Hotel Group.

Which Princess lives in Richmond Park? ›

The late Queen's first cousin Princess Alexandra lives in a beautiful property in Richmond Park known as Thatched House Lodge, but did you know that her lease also includes other buildings?

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District: Forest Hill

Located in the historic Forest Hill area of Southside Richmond, the Patteson-Schutte House is the oldest frame structure in the city.

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Hotel Jefferson (St. Louis, Missouri)
Hotel Jefferson
Location415 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri
Coordinates38°37′57″N 90°11′50″W
Area1.4 acres (0.57 ha)
Built1904, 1928
9 more rows

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Virginia Tech

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The Monticello Hotel
Monticello Hotel
4 more rows

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The largest single hotel building is MGM Grand Las Vegas, with 5,124 rooms in one building.

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Details / Other Expenses
Check In:4:00pm
Corridors:All Rooms Have Interior Hallways
Non Smoking Rooms:401
13 more rows

Did Jefferson have a wife? ›

A widow of her first marriage, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson was the wife of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

What was the famous Jefferson last name? ›

Thomas Jefferson, a spokesman for democracy, was an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), and the third President of the United States (1801–1809).

What kind of plantation did Jefferson own? ›

The Monticello plantation was both an agricultural farm, where wheat, tobacco and other crops were grown, and a site of "cottage" industries, including a textile factory, a blacksmith shop, nailmaking and barrelmaking operations, and water-powered mills.

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How old is the Central Hotel? ›

story. Built in 1878, the Central Hotel is the oldest pub in Port Douglas. Originally named the North Australian Hotel, it was damaged in the 1911 cyclone and was rebuilt as the Central Hotel, a two storey structure which still stands today as the very special and unique 'old' part of the pub.

How old is the US Grant Hotel? ›

On October 15, 1910, with great pomp and circumstance, THE US GRANT opened her doors.

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Residents of White Lodge, Richmond Park, a Grade I listed Georgian house situated in Richmond Park, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Formerly a royal residence, it now houses the Royal Ballet Lower School, instructing students aged 11–16.

Who lived in White Lodge Richmond? ›

In 1861, Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort stayed at the Lodge, following the death of the Queen's mother, The Duchess of Kent, then in 1869 it was presented to the Duke and Duchess of Teck, whose home it was to remain for almost 30 years.

What happened in the Black Lodge? ›

In the stories, the Black Lodge was the "shadow self" of the White, a place of pure evil through which all souls passed on the way to perfection. During this process, the pilgrim would confront the Dweller on the Threshold, their own shadow self.

What is the oldest part of Richmond? ›

Church Hill is the oldest intact neighborhood in the city and contains the most antebellum structures in Richmond. The historic district was established in 1957 through the efforts of Historic Richmond.

Who was Richmond founded by? ›

Captain Christopher Newport first led English explorers in 1607 to the site later named Richmond after a suburb of London, England.

What is the history of downtown Richmond? ›

From the 1800s, downtown Richmond was a booming city, one of the largest in the nation, and a major player in the slave trade market. The district now known as Shockoe Bottom was the largest and most famous slave trade market in the entire nation, with people traveling from the South to trade, purchase, or sell slaves.

Did Succession film at the Jefferson Hotel? ›

For the location of the summit, the production filmed the exterior of the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond but shot the interiors back in New York, at The Plaza on Fifth Avenue.

What show was filmed in Richmond? ›

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What hotel was in Tom and Jerry? ›

The Royal Gate Hotel in New York featured in the new Tom and Jerry movie was almost entirely filmed in England, at the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden. Several other parts of the comedy film were filmed on location in London.

Where was Succession filmed in Richmond VA? ›

The Plaza, Fifth Avenue: When the Roys meet presidential hopefuls in Virginia, you're actually looking at NYC's iconic The Plaza – though the exteriors were shot at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.

What famous family is Succession based on? ›

Rupert Murdoch and Logan Roy

Logan Roy, the fictional family's cunning leader, is often compared to Rupert Murdoch, the patriarch of the Murdoch family. The two lead expansive media empires including fields such as television, film, publishing and digital.

Is Succession based on true story? ›

Succession isn't based on a true story, at least not directly. But it's no secret that there are many parallels between the fictional Roy family and the real-life Murdochs.

How old is the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond? ›

Tobacco baron Lewis Ginter began building the hotel in 1892 and opened it in 1895.

Is Ted Lasso actually filmed in Richmond? ›

Apple TV's Ted Lasso is filmed in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames. While AFC Richmond — the fictional Premier League club at the center of the hit Apple TV+ streaming series “Ted Lasso” — may not be a real football club, the town of Richmond is in fact very much a real place.

What city was Tom and Jerry filmed in? ›

According to IMDb, the Tom and Jerry shooting locations were spread in and around New York City and in England. The majority of the film has been shot at the Warner Bros. Studios located in Leavesden, Hertfordshire in England. Some of the scenes were also shot in New York City.

What hotel was the resort filmed at? ›

'The Resort' Filming Location: Oceana Vista Hotel Is The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan in Puerto Rico – DIRT.

Where was Tom and Jerry's house? ›

Tom and Jerry's house - Picture of Dolores Heights, San Francisco - Tripadvisor.

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