No Interviews-No Set Schedules-4 Remote Jobs-Pays Weekly-⬆️$1200! No Phone Needed. Work-From-Home (2023)


4 no interviews online jobs with no set schedules remote jobs you can start asap. Make up to $1200 with these non phone no interviewing jobs from home. Get paid every week.

These videos serve as informational content to share money making opportunities online. Please use your own descretion when participating. Feel free to do your own independent research to determine if an opportunity shared on this platform is the right fit for you.


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Foreign, this is yours, truly Melissa from melissia at home and I'm back again with another video.


So in today's video I will be sharing multiple opportunities that will allow you to work without being interviewed, and these opportunities will will allow you to have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you so choose.

So, if you're International some of these opportunities, you may be able to do in your location now.

This is in the no interviewing category.

I've been doing for a couple of weeks now for Fridays, so today is Monday, so I'm a little bit behind or late with this video.


So, let's get into it.

The first opportunity I want to share with you in this particular video is coming from remote task now.

Remote tasks have multiple things that you can do on their website and they're absolutely free to join.

You can join at any time and get started working within 24 to 48 hours.

There's no interviewing and there's no set schedule, so you can choose used whenever you want to work again and you can get started pretty quickly.

Okay, you earn cash extra cash using this website.

They are also available outside of the US I believe.

So, if you're International, you can join remote tasks and find Opportunities on there to earn money from your location.

They have a growing community that is currently over 240 000 plus taskers.

You can earn while doing online tasks from your home, and you can start earning today now.

How exactly does it work again? Pretty straightforward.

Do tasks get paid? It's that simple from labeling images to transcribing audio, earn money, completing simple tasks online, so you can do you know multiple tasks that is available.

That's within your knowledge and skill area, so learn easily learn how to do tasks with their quick online courses or free Hands-On training.

So you won't just jump in and start doing.

You know online my tasks without any guidance or training, so they offer you free training on every task that you'll be performing complete tasks, work on tasks from projects, you've unlocked, get paid weekly, they pay on a weekly basis, get paid fast via PayPal or RTM, based on your quality and number of tasks that you complete.

So if you don't have a PayPal account, then I highly suggest that you set one up: it's absolutely free to sign up with PayPal, so so that, if you are interested in doing tasks like these online, then you'll be able to get paid.

All right.


Majority of these companies offer no interviewing get paid.

Weekly fast pay tend to pay via PayPal now to earn a lot more money on this website.

You definitely want to take advantage of the training tools so get trained on more difficult tasks that pay more.

So it range from easy, simple tasks to more complicated and difficult tasks that may require you to have a little bit more knowledge, so they do offer to train you so that you can move up a level and start you know taking on some more challenging tasks which will help you to earn more money, so the more difficult the higher your pay so again, we're from anywhere anytime enjoy the safety and flexibility of working remotely.

All you need is a computer and an internet, so you don't need to use a phone in order to work for remote tasks.

Okay, so that's not a plus, if you're someone who's not comfortable being on the phone all right.

So this is one website that you can find different tasks to do and it doesn't require you to be interviewed no set schedule right now.

They currently have this project.

I want to share with you quickly.

You can earn up to 600 weekly training, AI chat, Bots, all right, so you could change.

You can train a chat box, earn money, and it's that simple.

If you're interested you can start right away on their website on board in less than an hour, earn money for short writing and evaluation assignments up to an equivalent of 15 or 20 per hour, based on your skill and consistency, and ours are very flexible work whenever you like.

Okay, this opportunity is only available to proficient English speakers in the current states, so they are only hiring for this job in specific states in the US.

So this is not available internationally and it's not available in every state in the US.

But if your statements listed here and you're interested in doing this and earning up to 600 weekly paid weekly by the way, then definitely check out this opportunity is currently available on remote tasks, all right.

So, let's jump to the next company that I want to share with you is escribers.

It's all about transcribing, okay, transcribing audio they're, also specifically within the area of legals, so you'll be a legal transcriptionist, so escribers legal transcription and Court Reporting jobs offer you flexibility in a dynamic and challenging environments.

They work with over 1 000 contractors across the U.S, both with and without prior experience, the legal transcription and Reporting markets their their contractors choose when to work.

How much you want to work off from the comfort of your home? They pay their contractors on a weekly basis, so you you're going to be paid on a weekly basis and offer exciting bonus opportunities throughout the year.

So, if you'd like to learn more, you can go ahead and click their hyperlink.

That says here to check out more information and, if you're ready to get started, you could click where it says apply now now in on average, this up now, on average, this company could pay you twenty eight dollars per hour for doing transcribing work all right.

So any and all communication with escribers team members will only be via valid company email addresses so make sure whatever correspondences or emails, that you get from escribers and with



So again, it's very simple: fully remote comfortable work, 24, 7 tech and transcribing support is offered assistance tools for efficient, subscribing, diverse Client, List of dynamic work environments.

Listening skills is very important when it comes to escribers.

The next company I want to share with you is Telus.

Tell us how remote-based positions that do not require you to be interviewed, and some of them do not require you to have previous working experience.

They also can be in the freelancing category as well, so definitely check out Telus for remote-based opportunities.

That's not required to be interviewed.

If you are international, they may have something available to you, but majority of what I've been seeing is us-based okay.

So, for example, they have an opportunity here for personalized ads evaluator and it's only available in the US.

The primer location is home office, meaning that you can work from home.

So you can help companies test and improve machine learning models via their Global AI communities.

Their AI training platform handles all data types, texts, images, audio video and Geo across 500, plus languages and dialects their AI Data Solutions, vastly enhanced AI systems across the range of applications from Advanced, smart products to better search results, to expanded speech, recognition to more human-like bot interactions, and so much more so who is suitable for this opportunity? You should also be flexible, reliable and have ability to interpret and follow established guidelines.

Payment will be based on completion of the agreed upon tasks or engagement within this within the specified time period.

You have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home working your own hours.

What are the main requirements you must be currently residing in the US.

You must be familiar with current and historical Business, Media, Sports, News social media and so forth in the US, full professional Proficiency in English, experiencing use of web browsers access to and use of an Android or iOS smartphone to complete tasks.

So with this opportunity, you can actually use your smartphone to do this right, a barcode scanner.

Application must be installed on your smartphone, so just be aware of that active daily user of Gmail and other forms of social media.

So working on this project will require you to go through a standard recruitment process which includes include, which includes passing an open book assessments right.

So that's basically what you need to do in order to be qualified for this job.

This is a long-term project and your work will be subject to Quality Assurance, meaning that they will be checking your work for accuracy.

So, with this opportunity you get to earn extra income.

(Video) EARN 6K-15K FROM COPY PASTING LINKS ONLINE! #teachermarie #earnmoneyonline

This is not like a full-time job.

So keep that in mind.

You are paid for each task that you complete and the amount could be around eight dollars per task to twenty dollars per task.

Okay and when you have the time and the free time to do this, they also have other remote-based positions that you could check out every now and then just browse their website for opportunities, and you may find something that you like, but just want to highlight this particular position, because it's currently available and they're currently accepting applications all right.

The next company, the next and last company I want to share with you is Hollywood transcriptions Hollywood's transcriptions is currently hiring for a position of transcriber.

You can send your resume to the email that they have highlighted here in hyperlink, so transcription work requires attention to detail and accuracy must be.

You must adhere to strict deadlines and be responsible.

All of their transcribers must meet the following condition: questions type at least 65 words per minute on a digital Foot, Paddle.

Okay, if you don't have one I, do have Amazon recommended products in my Amazon store, recommended store, so check out the link in the description section for foot pedals on Amazon, some of the best ones that you may want to pick up.

Okay, as well as a transcription software, you do not have to purchase the equipment until you are hired.

So if they hire you, then you would have to go and purchase the equipment be fluent in English.

Excellent, spelling grammar skills have a reliable, PC Mac with internet connection, and, of course they want to let you know that they do receive a high volume of calls on a daily basis.

So you know, if you want to pick up the phones make a phone call to ask about.

The position might be best for you to email them now, if you are interested in a transcriber position, just fill out the form below here.

This is all the things you have to fill out as well as upload submit your resume, and that's basically it all right.

So if you're interested in this opportunity, you can go ahead and check them out in terms of how much they pay per hour.

According to Glassdoor the salary for Hollywood transcription, the average salary is thirty, nine thousand dollars per year, so that's just their average okay, since they did not list or reveal their salary under job hosting.

We have to find out through means of Google and according to Glassdoor thirty, nine thousand dollars is their average salary for their transcription jobs.

So those are the companies that are currently hiring that provide you opportunities where you do not have to be interviewed.

There's no bosses, you get to set your own schedule and have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you so choose to work, okay in the US.

So if you are interested in other opportunities such as these, just let me know in the comment section below this.

Video and I will continue to post these no interviewing opportunities for you and thank you so much for watching I wish you all the best and I'll talk to you soon.

Happy work from home, bye.

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