Can You Put Hair Dye in Shampoo? Which Hair Dye to Mix with Shampoo? (2023)

Every day we come about new methods and techniques for hair care and management. Some of these things might seem so weird that you wonder where the idea must have come from.

One of such interesting practices is putting hair dye in shampoo. Have you ever wondered who came up with such a practice and what they were thinking?

This post will help you discover the reason people put hair dye in shampoo, why you should consider mixing them, and other facts about this practice.

Can You Put Hair Dye in Shampoo?

Yes, you can! You can mix parts of your hair dye with parts of your shampoo and wash your hair with it. People have done it, and people will continue to do it, but it brings up the question of why it is being done in the first place.

Why Do People Put Hair Dye in Shampoo?

There are several reasons why people put hair dye in shampoo. For some, they want to extend the lifespan of their existing hair color. For others, they want to get a new color into their hair as comfortable as possible.

However, it is important to note that when you mix hair dye with shampoo without actually carrying out the full-scale dyeing process first, you’re at risk of not depositing enough color throughout your hair fibers.

So, the best and most probable reasons for adding hair dye to shampoo are to either add spots of color to your hair or maintain the dye you have previously applied to your hair.

The effect you get when you add dye to shampoo is similar to the effect that shampoo for certain colors of dyed hair produces. It revitalizes the color of your hair, but of course, it won’t stop the color from fading or prevent your roots from growing out.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to mix the shampoo with hair dye. Is there a measurement? Are there some colors of hair dye you should mix and some you shouldn’t? Let’s find out more.

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Which Hair Dye Is Better to Mix with Shampoo?

The best hair dye to mix with shampoo is a semi-permanent hair dye because it blends easily with the shampoo in a simple process.

However, semi-permanent dye is already known to not be as durable as a permanent dye, so you should expect that the color leftover after washing won’t be as strong.

However, if you can get your hands on permanent hair color that doesn’t need to be mixed with a developer, it is also another way to go.

Permanent hair dyes that need a developer will not blend well with the shampoo, and the result would be a hair dye that bonds unevenly to your hair.

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In What Proportions Should You Mix Shampoo with Hair Dye?

When it comes to mixing hair dyes, you don’t do it haphazardly, at least, not if you want to get the best color and protect your hair from damage.

There are two ways to mix hair dye and shampoo, depending on what you plan to achieve.

If you’re mixing shampoo and dye as your first color application, then you’ll need to apply more hair dye than shampoo.

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Some hairstylists actually mix dye and shampoo when they’re applying hair dye for the first time. They believe that it protects the hair from damage when you do it this way.

In this case, you only need to add a small amount of shampoo to a large quantity of hair dye while ensuring it is still thick enough. The job of the shampoo would be to help the hair dye spread around the hair properly with minimal damage.

On the other hand, if you already applied hair dye to your hair and you’re aiming for color maintenance, you should mix 50% of hair dye with 50% of shampoo for a balanced mixture.

So, add the same amount of hair color for every amount of shampoo you add to the bottle. Consider the length of your hair when mixing the dye and shampoo to ensure you have enough to go around.

Is It Okay to Always Mix Hair Dye in Shampoo?

Although the practice of mixing hair dye and shampoo is fast becoming common, it is not a practice that you want to get used to.

It is important to remember that both the shampoo and hair dye have chemicals in them, and you will be exposing your hair to quite an amount of chemicals.

It is not safe to use this shampoo and hair dye combination for every hair wash because the harsh chemicals will likely damage your hair.

It is best to wash with a dye and shampoo mix every two weeks to protect your hair and follow with a deep conditioner to ensure your hair is exposed to the least possible damage.

Can I Mix Any Kind of Shampoo with Hair Dye?

Not all shampoos are the same, and you need to choose your shampoo carefully to avoid causing damage to your hair due to ignorance.

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First, the shampoo you should use to dilute hair dye should be colorless so that the dye color can blend in properly and you can manage the outcome better.

Also, avoid shampoos that contain sulfate-based substances like sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, or sodium lauryl sulfate. These components should not be used on colored hair, or alongside hair dye. They are detergents that can ruin your hair color.

Your best choice is either an all-natural shampoo or color-treated hair shampoo. Always read the label on the shampoo bottle and ask questions before buying a shampoo for this purpose.

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How To Shampoo with Hair Dye?

The first step is to mix the shampoo and hair dye in either of the proportions we discussed above (either 50/50 or more dye, less shampoo). Once you achieve a color and thickness that suits your need, mix the dye and shampoo well to ensure it blends and prevent uneven coloring.

Wet your hair slightly and divide it into sections or keep it together, depending on how full your hair is. If you have full hair, apply the dye and shampoo mix section by section until your cover the entire head.

Massage your head gently and intentionally until you get the foam that the shampoo gives. Then, allow the mixture to sit on your hair for some time between 20 and 3o minutes, depending on how intense you want the color to be.

Avoid leaving the dye in your hair beyond 3o minutes because you might get a color that’s too deep for your liking.

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Wash the mixture off your hair until the water runs clear, and complete the process by using a deep conditioner for protection and nutrition.

You can also use a color-protecting hair mask to protect your hair against damage. The hair mask will deliver vitamins and other nutrients to keep your hair healthy.

What Are the Risks Associated with Mixing Shampoo And Hair Dye?

Did it cross your mind when considering the idea of mixing hair dye in shampoo that there could be associated risks?

As with many hair care methods and inventions, especially where chemicals are concerned, there are always things to watch out for.

The chemicals in your hair dye could react negatively to the chemicals in your shampoo. So, it is necessary to test the mix on a few strands of hair first and see how they turn out.

In 10 minutes, you should be able to tell whether there’s a negative reaction, which is mostly reddish, or any color you weren’t working towards.

It is also risky to apply this mixture on your head by yourself because you might not coat the strands properly. In that case, you could be left with uneven colored patchy hair.

If you don’t get the ratio of hair dye and shampoo right, you could end up with terrible hair color. Hence, you should test and adjust the ratio of dye and shampoo while you mix to ensure you get it right. Otherwise, seek professional assistance to handle it.

Final Words:

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From all that we’ve considered, it is easy to see that mixing hair dye and shampoo is a creative way to revitalize your hair color, even if for a short moment.

However, mixing hair dye with shampoo is not the best option for a hair coloring method because it won’t last as much as a plain dye. While the shampoo reduces the potency of the hair dye, the dye will also reduce the cleansing qualities of the shampoo.

Don’t hesitate to consult with a professional if you’re experienced in hair dyeing, and consider other options of maintaining your hair color!


Can You Put Hair Dye in Shampoo? Which Hair Dye to Mix with Shampoo? ›

DIY Purple Shampoo

Then add 2-3 drops of gentian violet dye. You can adjust the ratio depending on your desired effect and how severely your color has faded. Stir the mixture until the shampoo turns purple, and then deposit it back into the empty bottle using a funnel.

Can I add purple dye to my shampoo? ›

DIY Purple Shampoo

Then add 2-3 drops of gentian violet dye. You can adjust the ratio depending on your desired effect and how severely your color has faded. Stir the mixture until the shampoo turns purple, and then deposit it back into the empty bottle using a funnel.

Is it better to mix hair dye with shampoo or conditioner? ›

The primary benefit of pairing conditioner with hair dye is achieving a subtler, more natural-looking result rather than solid, opaque color (think: doll hair). Mixing conditioner with your hair color dilutes and weakens the intensity of the deposit," says Bradford.

How do you make shampoo hair dye? ›

  1. Choose the food color you wish to use and mix it with the shampoo in the applicator bottle. ...
  2. Shake the bottle until shampoo and coloring are thoroughly blended.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of water per ounce of shampoo and shake again, for about two minutes.
  4. Wet hair.

Can you mix permanent hair dye with conditioner? ›

Only mix conditioner with semi-permanent shades. Permanent hair dye that needs a developer won't mix well with conditioner, and it can make the dye bond unevenly to your hair. You can use conditioner to make your fantasy color lighter, or even pastel. However, it might fade faster than usual.

Can I add hair dye to my conditioner? ›

While this might seem like a crazy idea, mixing hair dye with conditioner is a popular trend among beauty enthusiasts. Not only does it allow you to create custom shades by mixing different hair dyes, but it also gives your hair a boost of hydration and conditioning.


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